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of VELOMED S.R.L. Romania

General presentation:

We are a consulting company focused on promoting innovativity, with global trade, procurement and supply links.

 We facilitate the marketing of a wide range of goods on agricultural markets, fertilizers and energy and we have strong partnerships with top suppliers in the world. In addition to knowing the trade in goods, we are a multidisciplinary professional company of supply and purchasing that offers complete commercial solutions for our customers around the world. Our team and our experienced professional partners personalize the solutions to support the specific needs of our customers, allowing them to purchase products and goods that best match their activity cycle.

Our commitment

→ We offer the best

→ Checking the background (DUE DILIGENCE)

→ Efficient delivery

→ Add value to our customers

→ We serve our customers through our network of partners in London (UK) and offices in Africa, Australia, Philippines, Romania and USA

→ We approach each relationship to create long-term and a sustained partnerships, based on common and consistent values.

Our vision

Let us achieve excellence in performance through qualified development, optimization of resources, costs and time, collaboration with partners and others and continuous development for an optimized world.

Our mission

To advance and overcome the challenges of manag and being part of an international business

The key to our success​

Our business approach is based on three items:

Deep Market Expertise

The recognized talent and experience of our team

Devoted enthusiasm to cope with challenges

We follow the innovation in any field, including that of trade.

Exceeding the challenges of international trade, identifying innovative solutions to international trade challenges, VELOMED has applied their expertise by training and integrating into specialized networks for trade, procurement and supply with goods and transport goods in any location, supporting the reputation of true global supplier of our global network team.


VELOMED has a network of extremely connoisseur and experienced merchandise partners, and this part of our business extends significantly and we are active in the following fields:


→ Wheat, cereals, corn,

→ Energy (oil, gasoline, diesel)

→ Fertilizer (Urea, DAP)

These are typical goods we sell.

Our agricultural source markets are focused on important final markets in:

→ Eastern Europe

→ South America

→ Africa

→ The Indian subcontinent

We do business at the group level partners in:

→ Asia

→ Africa

→ Europe

→ The Middle East

For energy and fertilizers. We are pleased to provide efficient, expert and customer-oriented services, because we know that adding value to our customers is important at all stages of the supply chain process.

Petrochemicals prime/processed

Naphtha – the main source of propulsion for maritime vessels that deliver goods on markets around the world is Naphtha. We purchase significant quantities of fuel to meet the requirements of our customers and supply with many different degrees. Almost 10% of the naphtha produced is used for the supply of large ships, another 15% are used for heating, and their remaining part is used by refineries as a raw material for the production of other fuels. HFO (Păcura) is produced by distillation of the oil, but is often left as a residue during
the oil refining process.

Diesel – diesel fuel, commonly known as diesel, is a flammable liquid that is used to feed diesel engines. It is often made from crude oil fractions that are less volatile than those used to produce gasoline. There are different degrees less volatile than those used to produce gasoline. There are different degrees in the Diesel range, which are measured based on sulfur content and volatility. The most used range of diesel is 10ppm and 50ppm. Diesel 10 PPM – used especially for engines whose speed and load remain quite constant. This diesel fuel produces more energy and offers higher fuel efficiency. Diesel 50 PPM – mostly used in equipment for the naval, mining, construction, production, agriculture, petrochemistry and energy generation industry.


Aviation fuels – the expression “fuel for reaction” is used to refer to a variety of liquid fuel types with different specifications, which are frequently used in aviation. Since the early 2000’s, diesel engines specially modified for small aircrafts have also used such a fuel. Fuel for aircrafts are primarily destined for gas turbine motors of aircrafts, planes or helicopters. Kerosene and aircraft fuel have a lot in common. Refineers use fractional distillation to create fuel for reaction from crude oil. The boiling point of the reaction fuel, an intermediate distillate, varies from 175 ℃ to 288 ℃. As a result, this colorless, up to white yellow fuel has a density that varies between 0.747 and 0.84 g/cm3, making it denser than gasoline, and than diesel according to most standards.
• Fuel for reaction – JetA1,
• Kerosen aviation colonial standard
• Kerosen-benzine mixture (JetB)
• Petrol for aviation (AVGAS)
• Bio-kerosene is a mixture of kerosene and biofuels
• Lichefied petroleum gas (LPG)
• Lichefied natural gas (GNL)
• Bitumen

Metals / precious stones (gold and diamonds)

Responsible supply

Extraction, handling, processing, transport and marketing of precious metals and minerals has the potential to have a positive impact on the welfare of the local communities; It generates income, growth and prosperity, supports the means of living
and encourages development. Our goal is to create and cultivate fair trade media from miners to end users. We work with responsibility, with the general objective that our contribution not only to help develop the business of producers, but also to improve the lives of local communities.
Mineral coltan is one of the resources that play an important role in the technological revolution. The Coltan ore itself hosts the Tantal and Niobiu technological minerals. Brazil, Canada and Australia are the main producers of tantal and niobiu mineral concentrates. However, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the global leader in the tantal production with a large margin, followed by Brazil.

Ask us your request

To send you a quotation, send us a message with your request bellow, with the specific subject:

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Coltan
  • Wheat, cereals, corn
  • Energy (oil, gasoline, diesel)
  • Fertilizer (Urea, DAP)
  • Prime/processed petrochemical materials
  • HFO(Pacuri)
  • Diesel 10 ppm
  • Diesel 50 ppm
  • Fuel for reaction (Jet-A-1, Kerosen)
  • Kerosen-benzine mixture (jet b)
  • Petrol for aviation (AVGAS)
  • Bio-Kerosen
  • Nafte
  • JETA-1 fuel
  • Aviation Kerosen Colonial Grade
  • Lichefied petroleum gas (LPL)
  • Lichefied natural gas (GNL)
  • Bitumen
  • Ferilizer (Urea, DAP)

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems by Aspower

In the renewable energy, defense, transportation and aerospace sectors; We are a technology development company that is able to develop and produce according to international standards with our competent and experienced R&D engineers, production staff, project and management teams.

On Line Uninterruptible Power Supply by Aspower

ASPOWER Enerji ve Elektronik San. Tic. A.Ş is an Engineering and R & D company founded with the aim of using its 30+ years experience in power electronics area to create strategic Technologies using in different fields of Industry, Military, Medical, Reewable Energy, Automative etc.

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